4 Reasons to Maintain your Vehicle’s Tires – Philadelphia, PA

4 Reasons to Maintain your Vehicle’s Tires – Philadelphia, PA

Are you having vehicle trouble but do not know the cause? Do you hear strange sounds? Have you felt something off as you are driving to work? Your Tires Maintenance are one of the most critical aspects of your vehicle. If you do not maintain them, you could end up in a devastating accident. Hank & Sons Auto Services in Feasterville, PA, has tires for any vehicle. They can also maintain, check, and replace your shop tires promptly.

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Tire balancing is essential for the tread on your shop tires. If it is not balanced correctly, you could damage your tires and the undercarriage of your car or truck. Experts recommend having your tires balanced every 6000 miles or two years. If you feel shimmying or shaking in your car’s steering wheel, on the floorboards, or in your seat, take your vehicle to an auto body shop such as Hank & Sons Auto Services for Tires Maintenance to Balance Your Tires.

Wheel Bearings

Wheel Bearings are little metal balls inside your wheel assembly. This allows your wheel to move freely on the axle, creating a smooth ride. If your bearings are breaking, you will hear a grinding sound on that side of the vehicle when you turn. Additionally, turning may be more difficult as the wheel struggles to turn the axle. Hank & Sons Auto Services can change your wheel bearings at competitive rates.

Tire Rotation

It is vital to have your tires rotated every six months. Depending on how hard you ride your vehicle, the shop tires tread can become uneven. When this happens, the life of your tires decreases rapidly. You will also be more susceptible to punctures, flat tires, or even blowouts. This is highly dangerous on the highway or while four-wheeling offroad. You can schedule a tire rotation at Hank & Sons Auto Services.

Tires Replacement

Every time you enter your vehicle, you should check your tires. Riding with damaged tread or on a flat can damage your car or truck. Additionally, if you are unaware of any problems, it could cause a horrible accident. Every six years, you should have tires replaced. If you ride harder, replace them sooner. Unfortunately, the price can be high because it is essential to replace all four tires simultaneously. Uneven tread can cause accidents. In the long run, this can also save you money. Hank & Sons Auto Services can check your tires and provide you with a Tires Maintenance estimate of how much it will cost to replace them.

Call Hank & Sons Auto Services at (215) 322-5007 or visit their website to set up an appointment. The technicians can assist you in tire replacement, alignment, engine services, and many other auto services. Come on down today to have your car or truck keep riding smoothly!

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