Best Car Repair Services

Hank And Sons

Vehicle maintenance is the bane of our existence. Money maintenance can take a toll on your pocketbook. However, you must get to work or take the family to appointments. Having a well-maintained car can keep you on the move. Hank & Sons Auto Service, in Bridgetown Pike Feasterville, PA, has a multitude of car repair services just for you!AC or Heating UnitsPennsylvanian has extreme weather. The temperature in the winter can be a blistering fifteen degrees Fahrenheit, while in the summer, it can get upwards to ninety degrees Fahrenheit. Your vehicle needs working AC or heating for personal comfort and keeping the car running correctly. Hank & Sons Auto Service can inspect your units and fix them promptly to get you back on the road.Transmission Work Transmissions are the bread and butter of your vehicle. Once this stops working, it transforms your car into a paperweight. It will leave you out in the cold without a working car or truck. Hank & Sons Auto Service specializes in transmission work. If you need car repair after a collision, you can get transmission work for automatic, four-wheel, or manual transmissions.Tires with Wheel Alignment and Balance According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, bad tires or alignment cause approximately 11,000 accidents a year. When your vehicle has bald tires or pulls in a specific direction, it is time to check it out. At Hank & Sons Auto Service, you can purchase new tires and then have them balanced or aligned at the same time. This is a must-needed car repair after a collision to make sure your alignment is straight.Emission Inspections You must have your car inspected yearly for safety and emission standards in Pennsylvania. While you ‌have a grace period of 10 days and they cannot pull you over for an inspired sticker, it is imperative to receive an inspection. This helps the environment and protects your family from a serious vehicle malfunction. It would be best if you also had this done after a collision. Hank & Sons Auto Service has a license to inspect your vehicle to Pennsylvania standards. Stop by Hank & Sons Auto Service at 2001 Bridgetown Pike Feasterville, PA, or call at (215) 608-1545. You can also visit our website to learn about our other services or to set up an appointment. Hank & Sons Auto Service is a full station with towing, breaks, and maintenance. But that is not all! Call to make an appointment and come on down.