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Diagnostic Services
Scan Tools Leading the Industry!

We have recently purchased factory scan tools with flashing capability to ensure the best possible service for your vehicle. We can now update the software in your vehicle to improve drivability issues. These tools also provide the highest level of diagnostic capability in the industry today so that we can continue our proud tradition of fixing your car right, the first time!

Car companies are relying more and more on flash reprogramming to correct drivability and emissions related problems in newer vehicles. This procedure is usually done at a new car dealership, but with the right software and tools independent repair shops can perform this service for their customers, too.

Most domestic vehicles built since 1996 (over 100 million!) have computers that can be reprogrammed using a dealer scan tool, a personal computer and special OEM software. Reprogramming is sometimes used to solve problems such as rough idle, hesitation, hard starting, emissions failures, etc. Flash fixes are currently used by General Motors, Ford, DaimlerChrysler, Volkswagen, Volvo, Saab, Isuzu and others.

Reprogramming must also be done when a vehicle's computer is replaced, and it may be used to compensate for vehicle modifications such as installing certain aftermarket performance accessories (like camshafts, larger throttle bodies, manifolds, etc.).

The flash procedure is similar to loading new software into a computer. It can't solve mechanical problems or compensate for parts that have failed, but it can correct problems that are the result of how the vehicle's computer is calibrated, including the setting of false fault codes by software glitches.

To see if this procedure is available for you car, call us at (215) 322-5007 for more information!

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